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Celtic Sea Salt Coarse 25 kg bag


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25,000.00 Grams

Introducing... Celtic Salt, one of our all-rounder salts. This hand harvested salt is like that person at school who always got straight As, looked like a model and played elite sport. Annoying huh? The salt is a striking grey salt and coarse in grain. This all-rounder brings mineral depth to every food when dissolved in cooking, has moist crystals which don't dehydrate meat and the coarse grain variety has a good old hearty crunch when used as a finishing salt. In the salt world, you can't ask for too much more than that.

Experiment... use this salt everywhere - in your sauces, on your roasts (rub it into your pork belly for crackling), on your BBQs and as a finishing salt. Also use it in your desserts and baking - fruit, cakes and puddings. This all-rounder does it all.

Why not try... our black salts for a unique finishing touch or our Wild Porcini, Vintage Merlot or one of our smoked salts.

Storage conditions... store in a cool, dry place. Some salts may retain moisture and become clumpy over time - this is normal as our salts are 100% natural and does not affect the quality of the salt.

Recipes suggestions... find salty recipes here.

Sold in the following wholesale configurations: 25kg Coarse

Ingredients... salt. No anti-caking, free flowing additives, conditioners, allergens, genetically modified organisms.

Product of... France.

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