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Flamboyant Finishers

A little bit about these salt products

There is something for everyone in this range of flavoured salts, or our Flamboyant Finishers. If you are uninspired by the daily grind of thinking up new meals to cook, or you are a wannabe Michelin Star chef these salts will take you to the next level. Need a roast garlic infused sauce, or a toasted onion stuffing? Or maybe a merlot gravy? Wild porcini butter sauce? Or a matcha green tea white chocolate soufflé? LOOK NO FURTHER. These salts will take you to places you have never been … enjoy the ride and get creative! 

Our flavoured salts are all naturally flavoured.  Our philosophy is that pure, natural ingredients simply taste better.  Our salts start with an all-natural sea-salt base and then are infused and bound with one other completely natural flavour mate.  No blends, powders or extracts are used. Our Flamboyant Finishers are naturally delicious and naturally tasty. It is as simple as that.