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Hawaiian Black Lava

Gourmet Hawaiian Black Lava Salt

When it comes to smoky salts that add an exotic touch to any meal, few are as distinctive as Hawaiian Black Lava Salt.

The burnt coconut shell-activated charcoal gives it some key distinguishable characteristics that differentiate this smoky salt from Himalayan Pink Salt – not just the colour and taste of the salt, but its high level of antioxidant properties, which helps to flush toxins out of your system.

The Salt Box is proud to bring our range of distinctive Hawaiian Black Lava Salt to the home cooks and commercial chefs of Australia. Available in either fine or coarse varieties, there’s a Black Lava Salt product to suit every occasion, and any sized spice rack.

There’s nothing quite like the unique look and taste of Hawaiian Black Lava Salt, whether added to a home-cooked meal as a finishing touch, or offered on the table at your café or restaurant. Once you’ve tried this Black Volcanic salt, we know it will become a staple in your cupboard, and an essential addition to your meals.

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Food Salt FAQs

All the food salts in our range are made from natural sea salt, with the exception of Himalayan Pink Salt which is a rock salt (which is actually also an ancient sea salt!). All contain their natural trace elements. Our gourmet flavoured salts are more than just a blend of ingredients. The flavour is bound to the sea salt crystals in a unique process. The result is a salt that is more impactful on the palate, and has better aroma, than just a dry mix of seasonings. The process is 100% natural, and we only use natural ingredients. So our Roasted Garlic Salt contains only Sea Salt and Garlic, and our Vintage Merlot Salt is just Sea Salt and Red Wine!

Sea Salt is harvested from evaporated sea water and is therefore unrefined and coarser in appearance to regular table salt. Himalayan Pink Salt is a rock salt, harvested in large pieces which is then broken into Coarse or Fine grain sizes. The pink colour is caused by the many minerals found in this salt. Other salts are slightly grey in colour – for example as Sel Gris is harvested, it comes in contact with the bottom of the salt pan, increasing the mineral content and causing the grey colour. Flavoured salts often take on colour from the ingredients that are added to them, for example the rich red of our Vintage Merlot Salt, or the green of our Matcha Green Tea Salt. Fleur de Sel, also known as The Queen of Salts, has delicate, flower shaped crystals that are formed on the surface of sea water as it evaporates.

Salt is one of the basic flavours that human’s taste, and therefore very important in cooking. It can also enhance other flavours, such as sweet, sour and umami, and can curb bitterness. Salt can be added during the cooking process, or used as a finishing salt, after cooking is completed.

Our gourmet salts are available in a variety of textures. Large grained salts add a strong, crunchy salty note when used as a finishing salt. Or they can be used in grinders if a finer texture is required. Smaller grained salts are useful for a more delicate salty addition, or a great used in cooking as they dissolve easily.

Many flavoured salts are effective as a finishing salt due to their colour and aroma. Add Truffle Salt to potatoes, use Black Lava Salt on the rim of a cocktail glass or sprinkle Vintage Merlot Salt on the surrounding white plate.