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Natural Sodium Bicarbonate USP#1 25kg Food Grade

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25,000.00 Grams

This Natural Sodium Bicarbonate is sourced using a process known as solution mining. This involves pumping hot water approximately 1900 feet underground to dissolve the underlying nahcolite beds and return the bicarb saturated water to the surface. The saturated brine is pumped back to the processing facility where the sodium bicarbonate is extracted.   This process produces a completely natural product requiring no chemical alteration.

Other names: Bicarb, Carbonic Acid, Monosodium Salt, Sodium Bicarb, Sodium Hydrogen Carbonate

The sodium bicarbonate is 100% natural, can be used in the manufacturing of Organic products (recognised by a leading Organic certifier in the USA and Canada). It is Food GradeGluten FreeNut Freenon GMO and USP Grade (complies to US Pharmaceutical standards). It has no preservatives and no aluminum (none added nor detected).

Commonly used in:

Bath salts for relaxation, relief of itchy skin, exfoliation, sunburn relief, foot soak, alkalizing

Household cleaning

Natural toothpaste and mouth wash

Natural deodorant


Product of USA


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