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7 Tips to use Epsom Salts in your Beauty Routine

Posted by Rowena Frith on 12th Feb 2020

A naturally formed pure mineral compound, Epsom Salt (magnesium Sulphate), comes in crystal form. It is a compound of magnesium and sulphate. These two elements have natural healing properties and … read more

How do you use Epsom Salt In your Garden?

Posted by Rowena Frith on 10th Dec 2019

Magnesium sulphate, commonly known as Epsom Salt, is useful in many ways in gardening. It is full of the right nutrients to enrich regular fertilisers and turns your garden into a lush haven in an … read more

Product Review: Epsom Salt 10kg

7th Nov 2019

Epsom Salt has long been a favourite Bath Salt for those interested in natural health. It is in fact Magnesium Sulfate, and therefore another great source of magnesium supplementation for o … read more