🌒 Our Zechstein magnesium is from the World’s purest source – feel the difference! 🌒

About The Salt Box

At The Salt Box we are obsessed about good quality, natural salt. And we are passionate about telling people about our salt.

We think that gourmet salts can make food sing. Truly. And we can also vouch for the fact that there is no better way to relax than in a hot tub of high quality, all natural bath salts (and for a fraction of the price of your local spa).

The Salt Box started in 2011 after discovering that good salt wasn’t easy to track down and gourmet salts even harder. We have since built our salt range to over 60 beautiful, natural and unique salts and we now stock the widest range of gourmet salts in Australia.

We have also grown our bath salt range to include the highest quality brands on the market including Dead Sea salt (Bokek) and magnesium (Zechstein) as well as Epsom salts, Dead Sea salts, Pink Himalayan salts and a range of beautifully, all naturally fragranced bath salts.

We are passionate about keeping salt in its natural state, so you won’t find any nasties hidden in our products. All of our salts are 100% natural – the way salt is intended to be.

We are proud to be a 100% Australian owned company and want to lead the charge on telling Australia that salt isn’t just salt. We believe that one salt isn’t enough and, just like olive oil or wine, that there is place for all different types of salts. Go on, have a look at our range and you will see that the salty options are endless.