🌒 Our Zechstein magnesium is from the World’s purest source – feel the difference! 🌒

The Salt Box Promise

Not all salts are Sodium Chloride

  • We celebrate the different mineral salts from around the world, and the taste, health and wellbeing benefits each salt brings to us.  
  • Did you know that Epsom Salt is Magnesium Sulphate?  Magnesium Flakes are Magnesium Chloride?  Baking Soda is Sodium Carbonate? Or that Dead Sea Salt is only 8% sodium Chloride with a high percentage of magnesium, sulphates and potassium

Natural means sourced directly from Nature

  • We source our salts and other ingredients from nature.
  • Our food salts are all natural sea salt, with the exception of Himalayan Pink salt which is a rock salt (and ancient sea salt!) and all contain their natural trace elements.   Table salt is chemically refined and stripped by its trace minerals, and almost always mixed with anti-caking agents which often contain aluminium and silicon. 
  • We believe a product that is marked 'natural' should be from the earth, and we seek out the most pristine and purest sources of each mineral salt we can find from around the world.  Did you know that the vast majority of Epsom salt in Australia is chemically manufactured in China?  And many salts sourced from the surface of the earth go through rigorous mechanical and chemical cleaning processes?  But at The Salt Box our products are as natural as can be.
  • We are proud of our sources and we list the Country of Origin of the salt on our packaging.  This is not a requirement for bath salts in Australia and "Made in Australia" does not always mean the salt comes from Australia!

No added chemicals

  • Anything we add to our salts is natural, for example, essential oils to bath salts, or real ingredients to food salt such as real roasted garlic
  • Our gourmet flavoured salts bind natural ingredients to sea salt crystals in a very unique process.  The result is more impactful on the palate than just a dry seasoning blend. And the process is 100% natural.  Once you taste them you will know what we mean!
  • We do not include any anti-caking agents or free-flowing agents or other chemical additives to our salt.  Sometimes it can mean our salts get a little clumpy or moist, but that OK!

Suppliers must have a sustainability policy

  • We check our suppliers have a sustainability policy to ensure that the ongoing supply of our mineral salts is doing minimal damage to the environment

Workers are not exploited

  • We ensure the workers sourcing and supplying the salt are either working in a country with an advanced employee regulatory environment that protects workers against exploitation, or we ask our suppliers to provide proof that their workers are being treated fairly and not exploited.

Packaging:  Recycle or Reuse

  • We advocate that our packaging can be recycled and reused.  The world is changing to address the environmental concerns of packaging, and we will continual to evolve our packaging based on this philosophy as new packaging materials come on the market.  Please reuse and recycle our packaging.

We're Australian-owned

  • We blend, pack and distribute in Australia, in our own warehouse and we are Australian-owned. We support Australian jobs, suppliers and services.  Blending, packaging and distribution is done in Australia.