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Salt Blocks

A simple way to add a gourmet flavour and flourish to your cooking.  Use on the BBQ, Grill, or in the oven.  Or can be used chilled to cure foods or create an impressive presentation platter.

Salt Blocks FAQs

A Salt Block is a solid piece of Himalayan Pink Salt, harvested from the Himalayan mountains. A salt block can be used on a BBQ or stovetop, or in an oven, to cook foods. Or it can be used cold to cure meats, or as a presentation plate. When you use a salt block, your food will absorb a delicate crust of salt on its surface.

To cook on a salt block it must be heated very slowly, gradually increasing the temperature, until it is very hot (eg 220C). It can then be used to sear meats, seafood or vegetables.

Salt blocks can also be chilled to very low temperatures. They are then a pretty serving plate for cold seafood, sushi, meats or cheeses – adding a slightly salty crust to the food, as well as keeping the food cold.

Foods like gravlax and jerky can also be cured on a salt block

Salt blocks are easy to look after. Once the block is back to room temperature, simply scrub it with warm water (no detergent), dry it with a tea towel, and then leave it to completely air dry. Once completely dry, store in air tight packaging (eg plastic wrap).