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Dead Sea Salt

The Finest Range of Dead Sea Salt in Australia

The Dead Sea is famous for its nourishing salt and mud, with The Salt Box now offering a gorgeous range of Dead Sea salt in Australia. Our high-quality, unrefined sea salt is harvested from Israel's southern Dead Sea. Its unique composition is known to enhance products in the spa, skincare and cosmetic industries, and can also be used to soak in.

Our Dead Sea salt is:

  • The Bokek  brand is currently not available. This product is optically cleaned by SaltWorks' air-jet technology to produce the purest Dead Sea salt available
  • The Salt Box Dead Sea salt is an authentic and pure Dead Sea salt that can contain very small beach pebbles particularly in the coarse product.
  • Crafted using naturally-occurring minerals that assist in detoxifying, cleansing and restoring your skin's natural glow
  • Completely organic with no contaminants
  • Spa-quality, with the fine sea salt being suitable for bath scrubs and other products
  • Kosher, all-natural, allergen-free and GMO free
  • Available in bulk, making it perfect for long-term supply or to use in your homemade scrubs and lotions.

Dead Sea salt is wonderfully unique, with the sea resting at the bottom of an ancient valley leftover from a sea two million years ago. At 1,300 feet below sea level, it's the lowest natural place on Earth. This unique history imbues special properties to the sea's salt and minerals, which are 10 times more concentrated than in the oceans of the world. Travelers have been coming to the Dead Sea to take advantage of these special properties for 2,000 years. Now, it's your turn — let us bring the Dead Sea to you.

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