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Pick and Mix

Pick and Mix with Our Sample Gourmet Salt

Looking for the perfect gift for someone who seems to have everything? Curious to sample our gourmet salt for yourself and your family? Our pick and mix selections are the best way to try out our exclusive and diverse range of delicious creations, and are now available Australia-wide.

Sourced worldwide with an eye for premium quality and excellence, we proudly offer the best in cooking and bath salts, offering the perfect way to spoil someone special or as a way to ‘spice’ up your culinary adventures.

We’ve put together some of our favourite minis in a sample gourmet salt package, allowing you to try our iconic goodies before you commit to an entire jar. Find your top picks across our range; once you’ve tried our range, you’ll never go back to plain Epsom or kosher again — no matter how you end up using it.

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