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Make Sure Your Restaurant Stands Out with a Smoked Gourmet Sea Salt in Australia

It’s not easy to outshine your competitors when running a restaurant in one of Australia’s bustling city centres. Sydney, Brisbane, and Melbourne are all home to millions of people who love to be wined and dined at a delicious restaurant when more.

Five Ways that Cooking on a Himalayan Salt Block Will Improve Your Food

Himalayan salt blocks are as beneficial to your food as they are attractive, appearing as a wonderful pink crystal blessed by the Himalayan sun. We pride ourselves on having the widest selection of salts Australia has to offer. more.

Buy Dead Sea Bath Salts Online for a Relaxing Way to Unwind

We all know what’s like to have one of those days where we can’t wait to return home from work and relax. Even if you love your job, there are bound to be times when you just want to escape. You probably have various other responsibilities after more.

Relax with Epsom Bath Salts. Buy in Bulk from Suppliers Online.

It’s been a long work day. You spent the morning fumbling for lost keys and misplaced homework, and the evening greeted you with a dirty house and an empty fridge. Whatever patience you possessed flees in the wake of homebound chaos. It’s time for more.

Buy Himalayan Pink Salt Slabs in Australia to Improve Your Recipes.

The recipe was painstakingly crafted - with every ingredient selected with care and every component artfully arranged. A special occasion, after all, demands an equally special dish; and you slaved over a hot stove to ensure that this meal delights more.

Pamper and Heal Your Skin with Bath Salts

There’s nothing more luxurious than taking a good long soak in your bathtub—unless it’s enhancing the experience with quality bath salts. Some bath salts can provide a facsimile of the feeling you might get from a natural hot spring or mineral bath more.

Buy Kosher Salt from This Trusted Seller

Salt tastes better on just about everything. That’s a fact of life. In fact, it’s hard to imagine food being exciting without it. The problem for some people, though, is finding good quality kosher salt—especially if you’re running a restaurant or more.

Hawaiian Black Salt Available in Australia

Some people think that the spices you use in cooking are merely ancillary, but those people have never discovered the joy that a fully unlocked palate can bring. The right spices cause you to experience your favourite dishes in brand new ways, exciting more.

The Magic of Black Salt

When people think of salt, they mostly imagine a fine white crystalline powder that adds a pleasant tang to most dishes. What many people don’t realise, however, is that salt comes in many varieties, and “regular” table salt is just one of many more.

What do I Use Red Salt For?

Maybe you’re an aspiring chef who is looking to get better acquainted with all the different seasonings available to you, and you’ve assumed until now that salt was pretty standard. That would be incorrect, though. Salt comes in many different varieties more.

Live like the Egyptians, with natural salts for the bathroom, from The Salt Box.

There's a reason people have been flocking to the Dead Sea for skin therapy for centuries, the pampering and healing properties of these natural salts have been well documented. At The Salt Box, we bring our passion for everything salt related more.

Spice up those home recipes with some exotic Hawaiian Red Alaea salt.

Originally taking its name from the native Hawaiian volcanic clay it which it was sourced, Alaea salt was traditionally used by natives to preserve their meat. These days, it’s a key ingredient in many Hawaiian dishes, such as Kalua Pig, Jerky more.

Salt Seasoning: The ultimate grilling companion

The Aussie Summer Barbie- the great Australian summer tradition. Want to make yours one to remember? At the Salt Box, we have the secret! Give your perfectly grilled meat a flavour punch, with our delicious and exotic range of salt seasoning, and have more.

Are you a flavour junkie? Check out our gourmet seasoning selection!

Are you tired of the same old flavours? Are those go-to recipes just not doing it for you in the taste arena anymore? It sounds like you could do with some inspiration from The Salt Box more.

One of a Kind Gourmet Gift Boxes from the Salt Box

With the festive season fast approaching, you find yourself combing through some of the typical gift catalogues, spying food hampers and candles and a few other predictable gift packages. Between the less than exciting options and your friends’ and more.

The Salt Box Salt Supplier Offers Healing Salts Naturally

With the holiday season approaching, your to-do list just got longer. Much longer. Office parties, relatives visiting, school concerts and of course the bustle of busy shopping malls and late night gift-wrap-a-thons. As exciting and wonderful as more.