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A Complete Guide to Smoked Salt: What It Is, the Different Types, and How To Use It

Salt is the single most important ingredient in the kitchen. Just about every savoury (and many a sweet) dish uses salt in some capacity, and it can be used in so many different ways: cooking, grilling, BBQing, baking, curing and finishing, just to name a few. But what about when you need something a little extra? [...]

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Become A BBQ Legend With This Quick Guide To Using Gourmet BBQ Salts

When BBQ’ing it is best not to skimp on the salt but save it for last! We like to sprinkle a finishing touch of salt just as the food comes off the grill. You'll get a stronger salt flavour (and a little texture too, if you choose a coarser grain) and your BBQ-prowess will rise [...]

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​The Ultimate Guide to Dead Sea Salt: Uses, Origins, Benefits

Since ancient times, people have lauded the benefits of Dead Sea salt. Not for its use in cooking (it’s far too bitter for that), but for its fantastic health and therapeutic properties. Its use can be dated all the way back to the Ancient Egyptians, notably to Queen Cleopatra, who went to great lengths to secure [...]

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A Helpful Guide to Epsom Salt: It’s Origins, Wide-Ranging Benefits and How To Use It

Did you know that Epsom salt, perhaps the most well-known of all non-food salts, isn’t a salt at all? It’s actually a naturally occurring mineral compound of sulfate and magnesium that has long been praised for its magnificent health benefits, as well as its wide-ranging uses for everything from beauty to gardening. Disregarding the misleading name, [...]

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​A Total Guide to Himalayan Salt Blocks: Benefits, Uses, Cooking Tips, Cleaning, and Storing

Salt block cooking may be a new concept for some people, but it is definitely one to explore. Aside from them being very attractive - who isn’t enamoured by that beautiful blushed pink hue of salt that’s been kissed by the Himalayan sun? - cooking on a salt block has a range of benefits over [...]

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​Kosher Salt: Its Origins, Uses and Differences to Table & Sea Salt

There is a large number of salt varieties available, but one that any chef should have on hand at all times is  Kosher Salt. We take a look at the origins, uses and characteristics of kosher salt, one of the most crucial tools in any chef's arsenal.  What Is Kosher Salt? Salt is a naturally occurring substance that is [...]

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