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Black Garlic Pouch 140g


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Buy Black Garlic Sea Salt Online in Australia

Elevate your culinary journey with our exceptional black garlic salt in Australia, a unique fusion of the distinctive sweetness of black garlic and the crispness of natural sea salt. Our black garlic salt is more than just a condiment, it's a ticket to a rich, flavourful gastronomic experience. From being an excellent finisher on your succulent steak, to bringing a new twist to your homemade pizzas, the versatility of our black garlic sea salt is boundless.

When you buy black garlic salt from The Salt Box, you're investing in a blend that's meticulously sourced and crafted. Encased within our 140g pouches is an alluring symphony of 100% natural sea salt flakes and black garlic, delivering a delightful dance of sweet and savoury in each pinch. This black garlic salt is pure and potent, devoid of any anti-caking agents, free-flowing additives, or conditioners. Moreover, it is non-GMO, reassuring you of its purity and commitment to natural flavours.

Ideal for Australian kitchens and beyond, our black garlic sea salt brings a touch of gourmet to every dish it graces. The refined, rich taste of our black garlic sea salt in Australia makes it an indispensable addition to your kitchen essentials. 

Ingredients: Sea salt, black garlic powder.

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