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Cocktails & Drinks

Stunning Range of Cocktail Drink Salts in Australia

The Salt Box is home to a wide array of premium food salts, including cocktail rimming salts. Professional bartenders and home cocktail-lovers alike will delight in our cocktail drink salts, perfect for garnishing and rimming cocktail glasses.

If you serve mixed drinks at your restaurant, bar or pub, you’ll know that high-quality rimming salts are an essential ingredient to have on hand. Not only do they add a sophisticated touch to your drinks, but they also elevate their taste. Salt can help to balance flavours in complex cocktails, brightening any sweet and sour notes while minimising bitterness.

To enjoy, simply dip the rims of your glasses into juice, then coat with a premium cocktail rimming salt from The Salt Box to create an addictive flavour. For a thicker and longer-lasting salt rim, try rimming with lime, lemon or egg white instead of fruit juice.

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