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Himalayan Pink Salt (Coarse) 200g Pouch

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The King of Salts, or Himalayan Pink salt. The purest and arguably the most majestic of all the salts. Himalayan salt is an unrefined, unprocessed raw mineral mined from caves formed 250 million years ago in the Himalayan Mountain Range. Don't let its age or beauty deceive you - the King of Salts is crazy, intense and anything but subtle.

Experiment... have fun with this salt and use to finish your everyday dishes - its pink grains look amazing over veggies, seafood, meats and, of course, on chocolate. Wow guests with it sprinkled over a plate of sashimi, or even as the crowning jewel in a cocktail.

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Storage conditions... store in a cool, dry place. Some salts may retain moisture and become clumpy over time - this is normal as our salts are 100% natural and does not affect the quality of the salt.


Ingredients... salt. No anti-caking, free flowing additives, conditioners, allergens, genetically modified organisms.

So what does it contain? Sodium Chloride (98.62%), Sulphur (0.34%), Calcium (0.21%), Magnesium (0.15%), Potassium (0.1%), Iodine (0.003%), moisture (<0.5%).

Product of... the Himalayan Mountain Range in northern Pakistan.

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