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Kampot - Long Red Jar 100g


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Believe it or not, long pepper once held the title of King of Spices in Europe, surpassing the popularity of its round, black counterpart. It commanded a regal price, three times that of the prevailing spice. However, due to its high cost, it swiftly fell out of favor.

In contemporary times, it's a challenge to find anyone familiar with long pepper. While it remains a bit costly, its exceptional quality and flavour is undeniable.

Long pepper originates from Java, Indonesia, and was introduced by the Cambodians, giving rise to the Kampot variety where we ethically source it from.

Our freshly dried long pepper boasts a hotter spiciness and a more intricate flavor profile compared to regular black pepper. What sets our variety apart is the harvesting process—it is only plucked from the vines when the pepper fruit reaches full ripeness, displaying a red hue.

When freshly ground, our long pepper releases robust, delightful notes of gingerbread, accompanied by a complex earthy and woody aroma. We recommend using a microplace spice mill to grind this pepper fresh as you need it. A mortar and pestle is another option.

Substitute this robust pepper for regular pepper, particularly on steaks and meat.

Also available in 75g pouch.

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