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Kosher Flake Sea Salt 120g Pouch


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Introducing... Kosher Flake Sea Salt (Pacific Blue), an all-natural Kosher flake sea salt harvested from the cool waters of the Pacific Ocean - unrefined and untouched by chemicals. It delivers all of the beneficial nutrients of sea salt while retaining the treasured Kosher flake texture.

Kosher flake Sea Salt melts quickly and blends well with other dry ingredients. The crystals are shaped like small, hollow pyramids, as in the tradition of the Kosher flake style. No additives or drying agents are used in this salt.

Experiment... Great for brining, curing or pickling. Use on roast pork for perfect crackling.  Sprinkle on your steaks before BBQing for added flavour and crust.  Perfect for making spice blends, adds a hearty crunch to salads and great for everyday use.

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Ingredients: Sea Salt

NO Anti-caking, free flowing additives, conditioners, allergens, genetically modified organisms.

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