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​Salty Globetrotters: 5 Exotic World Salts That Will Turn Your Next Dish into a Taste Sensation

Posted by The Salt Box on 22nd Feb 2018

When it comes to gourmet salts, there's a plethora of alluring and exotic options out there that go far beyond your standard table salt. Some of these are sourced from the far corners of the Earth, and are designed to transport any meal to new heights of flavour and intrigue

We call these our ‘Globetrotters’. Each have their own unique character, and have been handpicked from around the globe to add a little bit of glamour to your life. Peru, Italy, Hawaii, Africa - these salts have personality and a story to tell. Let’s explore how they can turn your next dish into a taste sensation.

From the terraced flats of the Peruvian Andes to Sicily’s famous ‘salt road’, these exotic wonders have been harvested from the far corners of the Earth to turn your next dish into a taste sensation. 

Peruvian Pink: An Intriguing Alternative to Your Classic Sea Salt

With its dusty sunset hues, Peruvian pink salt is harvested from far up in the terraced flats of the Peruvian Andes. When collected, the gold and pale pink colours are selected first, and its moist consistency and rich flavour provide for the perfect salty crunch hit. Sprinkle through your favourite baking mixtures, atop your next salad or blend into a spice mix. 

Hawaiian Red: Turn Your Next Meal to a Tropical Delight with Hawaiian Aromas and Flavours

Nothing evokes a sense of relaxation and rejuvenation like a Hawaiian seascape; introducing Hawaiian Red. An unrefined sea salt, Hawaiian Red has been carefully blended with alaea clay to produce its gorgeous brown/crimson tone. This variety is ideal for any kind of salt rub, be it a succulent shoulder of beef, a whole fish for the barbecue or curing a loin of pork. 

Bamboo Jade: Introduce Nutrient-Packed Bamboo Leaf Into Your Next Asian Dish

Blended with carefully harvested Bamboo leaf extract, Bamboo Jade salt has so much more to offer than just brilliant taste. Celebrated in Southern China for its high antioxidant, vitamin and amino acid content, this intriguing variety will transform any Asian dish into a nutrient-packed wonder. With its pale jade tint and refreshing bamboo flavour, just a sprinkle will impart a lightness and tang to a stir-fry, soup, noodle salad or grilled Asian greens. There are endless ways you can get creative with your next recipe. We suggest sprinkling a morsel atop some steamed edamame beans for the perfect crunchy snack! 

African Pearl: A Rare and Effervescent Salt to Add Artistic Flair To The Dining Table 

African Pearl is one of the most unique salts on the market today. Harvested from the deepest icy waters of the Antarctic and then laid to dry on the hot desert plains of coastal Namibia, it is truly wondrous stuff. As the desert meets the sea, wind patterns blow the salt in such a way that creates a beautiful pearl-like structure. The effect is so stunning one could sit there for hours and just watch them glow. 

When you finally succumb to the need to taste, the refreshing crispness of a traditional sea salt is what you will find. Truly versatile in its flavour profile, the unique shape can provide that wow factor when you are looking to impress. Sprinkle over lobster, a refreshing side salad, bright green snow peas, or just about anything a little bit fancy.

Italian Trapani: Escape to the Mediterranean With The Rich Flavours of Sicily 

If you have been hankering for a Mediterranean holiday but haven’t managed to get there just yet, Italian Trapani salt might just ease your yearning. Harvested from Sicily’s famous coastal ‘salt road’, its subtle sweet flavour is the respite from the usual table salt you’ve been looking for. Its bright, fresh flavour is versatile as any traditional sea salt and can be the perfect addition to baking, roasting, salads and sauces. 

If your kitchen is in need of a shake up, or you are just looking to explore more global flavours but don’t know where to start, the Globetrotters range is your new best friend; a great gift to yourself or to a friend who might need a bit of inspiration.