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Spice Up Your Life: 5 Tips For Using Spicy Salts to Add Another Layer of Vibrancy to Your Food

Posted by The Salt Box on 8th Feb 2018

Do you know someone who will jump at the chance to eat the hottest chilli on the table? Or are you keen to add some kick to your next dish? With flavours from all around the world that are versatile enough to spark up meat, fish and vegetables alike, spicy salts are the perfect addition to any pantry.

Made by fusing natural peppers with sea salt crystals, spicy salts are perfect as a finishing salt or in cooking. For those looking for inspiration in the kitchen we’ve put together a few tips for using spicy salt to add another layer of vibrancy to your food.

Looking to add an extra layer of vibrancy to your dishes? Spicy salts will give your cooking the fiery kick it needs. 

Take Your Dish to Central America with the Sweet Tang of Chipotle

For a Mexican flair to stewed and slow cooked meats, chipotle salt is a great way to evoke a sense of adventure and salty sweetness to your next big meal, perfect for sharing with family and friends. With smokey tones (drawn from the natural flavour of smoke-dried jalapeño) and a fine consistency, chipotle can be used as anything from a rubbing salt to a cocktail topper, all in the same breath.

How Hot Can You Handle Your Meals? Using Spicy Salt Is A Great Way To Get That Extra Kick

There is a daredevil in all of us, and for those braver moments in the kitchen, scorpion salt is where you should look. Made using Trinidad scorpion peppers, it’s an addition to your meals that should be used sparingly and with a strong warning to your dinner guests. Not for the faint-hearted, the scorching heat of the scorpion peppers is a daring and exciting way to spark up your pasta dishes, a mild flavoured fish or in a dip which needs a little (or a lot) of something extra.

Looking to Mix Up an Asian Dish? Szechuan Pepper Salt Is a Great Way To Add a Refreshing Spicy Buzz

Just about any Asian dish in your repertoire will pair perfectly with szechuan pepper salt. Made using the berries from an Asian variety of bushel, the wood and citrus undertones of this salt has less spice and fire than other spicy salts out here. But when combined with your next salt and pepper squid, barbecued prawns or pan fried fish the subtle heat will have you intrigued with every mouthful. If Asian cuisine isn’t on the menu, the szechuan pepper salt is a great addition to a leg of lamb or a medley of roast vegetables for a slight shake up to the usual routine.

Salt Mixed with Ghost Peppers Is One Way to Make Sure Your Dinner Guests Never Forget You

Made from pure and unrefined naga jolokia pepper, ghost pepper salt is one for the heroes amongst us. There is a real bite to this one, so for best results use sparingly on vegetable dishes, roast and barbecued meats, or in the crumbs or batter of fried foods. Chicken wings are the perfect place to start experimenting with this flavour.

Jalapeño and Habanero Salts Bring a Spicy Bite to Sweet or Savoury Dishes

Habanero salt is a favourite amongst many, and for goods reason. Try adding this spicy number to your next guacamole or even buttered popcorn on a cold and rainy movie night. A sweet treat can be transformed too when mixed with a pinch of habanero salt. Chocolate truffle recipes or hot chocolate brews love a warming spice kick.

Like the szechuan pepper, jalapeños have some bite but not too much. It’s flavoursome, but not overwhelmingly so. Just a light rub of jalapeño salt with your favourite oil into steak or chicken will bring out fragrant and satisfying new flavours to your usual recipe. A great way to mix up a rice dish is to add a sprinkle or two and lightly toss with your favourite vegetables or meat variations.

Sriracha Salt Will Change The Way You Snack Forever

Take yourself to Thailand with sriracha salt. We all know that Sriracha sauce is good on just about anything, and the same can be said for its salty compadre. Its flaky consistency allows for perfect melting in soups and sauces, while its delectable spicy tones can be tossed into salads, through prawns or even roasted nuts and popcorn. It’s so delicious and versatile, we wouldn’t be surprised if you started putting it in all your meals. Don’t say we didn’t warn, you!

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