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Nordur Arctic Sea Salt Flakes Smoked Tin 100g


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 The Arctic salt flakes salt are smoked using traditional Danish smoking methods with a blend of birch and oak giving the salt an exquisite taste and texture.

What is Nordur Salt all about ……Norður Salt is made with a belief in high-quality, transparent food production with minimal impact on the environment. The unique geothermal production method was first tried in 1753 in the same place Norður Salt is made today; Breiðafjörður, Iceland. This geothermal production method been carefully preserved for over 250 years in Iceland and Denmark. 

How do they create it? The pure and savory and mystical Arctic seawater is pumped into open pans where it is slowly heated with water from natural hot springs. This sustainable process leaves behind no carbon dioxide – only fresh, crunchy flakes of Norður Sea Salt.

How would you describe the flakes…..The flakes are small, crunchy pyramids of intense flavour and have their own unique characteristics, reminiscent of the mineral-rich Arctic sea.

Describe the Smoked Salt.. Our Norður Smoked Sea Salt is smoked as a tribute to their Icelandic-Danish ties. The salt is smoked using traditional Danish smoking methods with a blend of birch and oak giving the salt an exquisite taste and texture. The high moisture content of Norður Salt helps the flakes absorb the smoke evenly giving an amazing aroma that resembles a good whisky. 

What types of salt flakes are available? Norður Salt comes in several variations and sizes. This product is also available in a beautifully designed cardboard box. From the pure Norður Arctic Sea Salt Flakes to the colourful and tasty flavours of Lava, Seaweed, Blueberry, Liquorice, Rhubarb, and Smoked salt, they all celebrates the Icelandic heritage. There is a kind of salt for every occasion whether it being a beautiful and usable gift (see our gift packs), or for a professional restaurants or simply for your own kitchen. 

How should I use it? Norður Salt is bold, bright and slightly tart flavour is great with seafood and fish, in stews and soups and as a finishing salt for salads, fish, and meats, lending any dish a distinctive flair. Many restaurants and food manufactures use this stunning sea salt flakes.

Product of Iceland 

Ingredients Arctic Sea Salt flakes

Our salts do not have anti-caking, free flowing additives, conditioners, allergens or are genetically modified.

Storage Store in a cool dry place. Some salts may retain moisture and become clumpy over time - this is normal as our salts are 100% natural and this does not affect the quality of the salt.

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