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Summer Blossom Roll-on Natural Perfume


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Immerse yourself in a vibrant, floral fragrance that evokes memories of joyous summer days, uplifting your mood, mind, and spirit.


Neroli Essential Oil: Derived from orange blossoms, it promotes joyful emotions and encourages relaxation. Research suggests it may aid in relieving menopausal and PMS symptoms, making it a useful natural companion for women.


  1. Take a moment for yourself, gently rolling the blend onto pressure points like wrists, neck, chest, or temples. Avoid the face, mouth, eyes, and nose.

  2. Reapply liberally throughout the day, using as often as desired.

Tip 1: To alleviate anxiety, apply the roll-on to your palms, rub them together, and cup your hands over your nose. Take three deep breaths and roll more onto the back of your neck.

Tip 2: To relieve PMS symptoms, roll it onto the underbelly area and massage in a clockwise movement. Combine with a breathing exercise to help relax muscles.

Aroma Profile:

Sweet and floral with underlying wood tones and delightful spikes of sweet citrus.


100% Pure essential oils: Organic Sweet Orange, Organic Frankincense, Organic Lime, Neroli, Peru Balsam, and Tangerine. Expertly blended with Jojoba oil, Organic Camellia oil & Vitamin E.

Total Volume: 10ml

Caution: Do not ingest. Store in a cool, dry area below 30° away from the reach of small children.

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