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Australian Bentonite Clay Food Grade 400g Jar

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We source Australian Sodium Bentonite from Queensland, Australia.  We ensure our product is 100% natural and food grade.

Bentonite Clay is actually volcanic ash that has been compressed by the seabed over time.  Due to it's high colloidal value, it is commonly used it for absorbing toxins (like a sponge with holes that draw in toxins).  It is therefore very effective at drawing toxins from the body, both internally and externally.  

Bentonite Clay is effective in attracting heavy metals, so it is extremely important to ensure your Bentonite is sourced from a reputable supplier.  

Common uses for Bentonite Clay include:

  • In a detox bath
  • As a purifying mask for the face
  • Relief for skin conditions
  • As a detox and cleansing tonic

Instructions for Use:

Use a non metal bowl and implements for mixing.

Face Mask: Make a paste from 3 parts water or apple cider vinegar with 1 part clay.  Massage into the skin, avoiding eyes and mouth and let dry fro 15-20 mins.  Rinse with warn water.  For more Bentonite Clay Mask Recips click here.

Detox Bath: Gradually mix 1-4 cups of clay with warm water in a medium bowl until smooth.  Gradually add to a warm bath.  Soak for 20 mins.  You may wish to rinse after to remove excess clay from body.  Moisturise well.

Internal Use: 5g (approx. 1 heaped teaspoon) stirred into a drink or smoothie.


Aluminium in Clay?


 No there isn't!

Scientific testing by  CSIRO using Borate Fusion XRF Method mineral analysis  verifies our clay does not contain any aluminium.

However there is some discussion with regard to Alumina and Aluminium in clay. This probably stems from the interchange of the description of Alumina oxide with Aluminium oxide.

Hopefully the following will clarify a few things.

BENTONITE CLAY is classified as an Alumino-silicate. This means its major elements are Alumina oxide (Al2O3) and Silica (SiO2).  Hence all Bentonite clay contains these as major elements. Bentonite would be an entirely different substance without alumina oxide.

It is also made up of a number of other minerals some of which have exchangeable ions.

Typically they are - sodium ions, calcium ions, potassium ions, magnesium ions. 

In the USA Aluminium is used to refer to alumina. Unfortunately this is misleading because alumina oxide (Al2O3) is not the dangerous Aluminium (Al) which is used in manufacturing.

The term aluminium oxide is actually referring to alumina oxide which is perfectly safe.

Different symbols represent different substances:

Alumina oxide:  Al2O3  (safe)

Aluminium : Al  (unsafe)

The alumina oxide that goes to make up part of the clay molecule is completely inert. It has a very high bond with silica and is not bio- available. It cannot be absorbed into the body.

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