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Fiery Salts

A little bit about these salt products

From the delicate to the blow your head off, we have all the fiery salts! Try, experiment and enjoy … these salts will take your cooking to a whole new level of fun. If a milder heat is your thing try our Chipotle or Szechuan Pepper salt. If you can stand a bit of tingle try Sriracha or Jalapeno. And if you really are a fiery fiend dabble with our Haberano Heat, Ghost Pepper or for the really adventurous amongst you get your paws on our Scorpion salt (NB you have been warned!). 

These salts are created through fusing the flavour of natural ingredients to sea salt crystals. The net effect is pretty much a flavour explosion in your mouth. Our fiery salts are perfect as a finishing salt or in cooking and use them anywhere you want some heat – curries, soups, chillis and on the BBQ or grill. We even use them in baking for a fiery kick … life can’t always be sweet.