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Gourmet Sampler Gift Set - Pick & Mix 5 (Now with Glass Jar & Bamboo Lid)

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Choose your salts and we'll package them for you in our re-usable calico gift bag.

Pick & Mix the perfect gift for an adventurous cook by choosing 5 small sample jars from our Gourmet Salt range.  This special gift comes packed in our re-usable calico drawstring gift bag. 

The jars are glass with a bamboo lid.

All our salts are 100% natural and made with real food ingredients.  The flavours are bonded to the salt crystals using a unique process which ensures a finished salt that is more impactful on the palate, and has a better aroma than just a dry mix of ingredients.

Gourmet Salt Range:

  • Roasted Garlic: rich and buttery with an amazing aroma
  • Habanero: intense salt with a big habanero chilli kick
  • Hickory:  suits both sweet and savoury dishes and has a stunning aroma and smoky taste.
  • Hawaiian Black Lava: subtle black salt, blended with activated charcoal from coconut shells
  • Hawaiian Red: visually stunning. A traditional salt incorporating alaea clay. Used to heal, season and preserve - slight tangy flavour.
  • Vintage Merlot: a lovely magenta, wine coloured salt
  • Madagascar Vanilla Bean: the combination of salt and vanilla accentuates sweet desserts.
  • Extra Bolda uniquely hearty smokehouse flavour. Deliciously rich and enticing.
  • Sriracha: fiery and zesty created from sea salt, sriracha sauce and a hint of Habanero.
  • Cyrpus Black: large pyramid crystals, earthy taste with a satisfying crunch.
  • Indian Black: pinkish grey mineral salt with a sulphurous taste.
  • Fleur de Sel: the 'Queen of Salts' - hand harvested, delicate flavour  wit an elegant appearance.
  • Lemon Twist: This salt highlights the classic combination of fresh lemons and salt.
  • Lime Fresco: a vibrant flavour of tart limes having a citrusy aroma and taste of tangy limes
  • Black Garlic: deep rich sweet notes and the sensational taste
  • Hawaiian Red: sea salt. mixed with alae clay to create a unique pink / brown salt a delicious, tangy flavour

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