๐Ÿ’— Salty & Sweet! Sprinkle some salt and love this Mother's Day ๐Ÿ’—

Artisan Salt Gift Set - Pick & Mix 3 Pouches


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Choose your salts and we'll package them for you in our re-usable calico gift bag.

Create the perfect gift for a Gourmet Chef by choosing 3 pouches from our Gourmet Salt range.  This special gift comes packed in our re-usable calico drawstring gift bag. 

All our salts are 100% natural and made with real food ingredients.  The flavours are bonded to the salt crystals using a unique process which ensures a finished salt that is more impactful on the palate, and has a better aroma than just a dry mix of ingredients.


Gourmet Salt Range Options:

  • Sriracha: fiery, zesty and crunchy, blended with Sriracha sauce and just a hint of Habanero
  • Indian Black: also known as Kala Namak.  Savoury, eggy taste.  Adds umami flavour to dishes
  • Cyprus Black: large flakes and powerful earthy taste.  Blended with activated charcoal.
  • Himalayan Pink Coarse: large grains and mineral rich.  Great for grinders
  • Smoked Applewood:   Our most subtle and 'sweet' smoked salt liked by everyone!
  • Himalayan Pink Fine: pure, unrefined mined in the Himalayan mountain range.
  • Hawaiian Red: visually stunning. A traditional incorporating alaea clay. Use to heal, season and preserve.
  • Smoked Hickory: suits both sweet and sour dishes and has a stunning aroma and smoky taste
  • Habanero: intense salt with a big habanero chilli kick
  • Roasted Garlic: rich and buttery with an amazing aroma
  • Sel Gris/ Celtic salt: has moist crystals which don't dehydrate meat and the coarse grain variety has a good old hearty crunch when used as a finishing salt.
  • Vintage Merlo: another visually stunning salt with a lovely magenta / wine colour and earthy flavour.
  • Fleu de Sel: the 'Queen of Salts' - hand harvested, delicate flavour with an elegant apprearance.


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