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Lime Fresco Pouch 120g


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Welcome to the flavour adventure that is our Lime Fresco salt, a lime sea salt that captures the invigorating essence of fresh limes and the subtle brine of sea salt. Crafted with zesty lime, this sea salt is the perfect embodiment of the tangy freshness you can expect from lime flavoured salt, and with its vibrant citrusy aroma, you'll feel like you're in a lime grove every time you sprinkle some on a meal.

With every sprinkle of these lime infused salt flakes, you'll add a unique touch of tangy brightness to your dishes, creating an exhilarating fusion of flavour and texture.

Our Lime Fresco salt is more than just a seasoning; it's an experience. It's perfect for elevating your meals from the everyday to the extraordinary. This lime salt is great for enhancing the natural flavours of seafood and poultry, giving a burst of citrusy lime to your favourite salads or adding a refreshing twist to your snacks. And the best part? It’s also the perfect lime cocktail salt, perfect for rimming your margarita glass, making every sip an unforgettable taste experience.

Ingredients: Sea salt, lime

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