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Black Salt is the Newest Way to Add Culinary Flair to Your Kitchen

27th Oct 2019

Whether you have gourmet dreams or simply aspire to nailing the perfect poached egg, any home cook knows the thrill of searching for those extra ways to add a little something special to your meals. There are plenty of ways to add a simple twist to cooking for outstanding results from a touch of spice to fresh herbs, a dash of cream or a top-secret ingredient. A good cook is always searching for what’s next and we’ve found it for you: black salt.

Salt is a humble kitchen staple that has seen a makeover in recent years as we’re discovering how versatile and powerful the ingredient can be. Gourmet salts can turn an ordinary dish into a culinary delight with a single pinch. Black salt is relatively unknown, but it will change the way you plate up dishes forever!

Black salts are sourced from across the world, from volcanoes in the Himalayas to the coastline of Cyprus and even Hawaiian Islands. Each variety has its own unique spirit that embodies the corner of the world it’s sourced from. The rich bold flavours and striking colour of black salts make them an exciting ingredient that we’re sure you’ll love.

We stock three varieties of black salts:

Hawaiian Black Lava Salt

A sea salt from the shores of Hawaii in the Pacific Ocean, this salt is infused with rich black charcoal creating a subtle earthy flavour and glamorous black colour. Harvested from the ocean, the sea salt is mixed with activated charcoal derived from coconut shells collected on the Hawaiian Islands.

Like all sea salts harvested using traditional solar evaporation techniques, it has a light and crunchy texture that melts easily. The subtle earthy flavour makes it a great pair for fish, pork and root vegetables.

Cyprus Black Salt

From the Mediterranean Sea off the coast of Cyprus, this delicious salt is mixed with carbon, which is obtained from naturally processed charcoal from softwoods such as linden, birch and willow. The natural harvesting process is what gives this exotic salt its lauded pyramid shape and light, crunchy texture.

It has a distinct earthy flavour making it the perfect finisher for a huge range of dishes. But it’s the colour and shape that will impress your guests. As an added bonus, the addition of charcoal gives it detoxifying qualities.

Indian Black Salt

Indian Black Salt is one of the world’s most revered salts and rightfully so. Its name is actually a little misleading as the salt is light pinkish brown colour although the origins of this salt make it one to covet. Also known as Kala Namak, the salt is made from crushed Indian volcanic rock salt collected from volcanic mines in Northern India and the salt lakes surrounding Sambhar and Didwana in Rajasthan.

It has been used for years in traditional dishes throughout the countries surrounding the Himalayas region including Nepal, Pakistan and of course, India. Rich in minerals, this salt has a distinct taste reminiscent of eggs with a slightly sour aftertaste. Although it may not sound appetising, when paired with food, it adds a delightful aroma and rich taste. 


5 Ways to Use Black Salt

1. Sprinkle black salt over your avocado and feta on toast to spruce up your breakfast.

No dish of smashed avo is complete without a sprinkle of salt and using black salt will add more than just a rich flavour, but also look stunningly gourmet with next to no effort.

2. Create colour contrast with ripe red tomatoes.

Whether you’re the kind to enjoy a tomato on its own with just a dash of salt or prefer them in a salad, the intense black colour of our Hawaiian Black Lava salt and Cypress Black salt look delightful on top. A caprese salad couldn’t look (or taste) better with a sprinkle of black salt.

3. Rim your margarita glass for a touch of drama.

Our Hawaiian Black Lava salt is perfect for the rim of your margarita, not only for its taste and colour, but for its texture. As the lightest and smallest flake of our black salts, it will perfectly compliment your cocktail while looking fabulous on the glass.

4. Add depth to your favourite Indian dishes.

Indian Black salt was literally made for adding to delicious Indian dishes such as curry, soup and stew. The distinct taste of the salt is rich and unique and will compliment both spicy and soft creamy flavours.

5. Garnish the edge of your white plates.

If you’re an avid fan of cooking shows, you’ll know just how important presentation is. A chunky black salt like our Cypress Black salt sprinkled around the rim of a white dinner plate or in a simple line next to a fillet of salmon looks great and a simple way to create maximum impact.

Shop our range of black salts here and don’t hesitate to get in touch if you have any questions about our salts, where they’re from or how to use them!