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Body Blemishes

Posted by The Salt Box on 11th Mar 2019

Use Nutrition Skin Soak Bath Salts to Tackle Troublesome Body Blemishes

Body blemishes, or ‘Bacne’ as some love to call it, is quite a common skin condition that can be really frustrating and embarrassing. Although there are hundreds of products, articles and websites dedicated to caring for blemishes on your face, information about dealing with body blemishes is not as readily available.

However, we believe that armed with the right knowledge and tools, you’ll be able to bash those body blemishes once and for all and improve your general well-being along the way!

There are a few common causes of body blemishes. These include things like conditioner being left in contact with your back while washing your hair, wearing sweaty clothes for extended periods of time. Dirt and grime trapped in your bed sheets can take some of the blame as well as certain comedogenic topical solutions like sunscreen or some moisturisers.

To keep it simple, you can experience breakouts on your back, or anywhere on your body for that matter, when your pores become clogged with excess oil, dirt or sweat.

Regularly detoxing your skin will not only help to clear and prevent body blemishes, it will also help to improve your skin’s overall health by ensuring skin tissue has the nourishment to properly heal and maintain good health.


So how does our Nutrition Skin Soak Bath Salts help?

It’s formulated with a blend of smart ingredients that work together to provide an overall detoxification, cleanse and renourishment of your skin.

Let’s get to know the ingredients a little better…

Epsom Salt

Thanks to its high magnesium content, natural Epsom Salts provide a highly cleansing and clarifying experience for the body and your skin. The sulphates in Epsom Salt are also claimed to provide a detoxifying effect on the body thanks to their ability to flush toxins and heavy metals from the skin. The detoxing and cleansing abilities help to prevent many skin concerns including blemishes.

Dead Sea salt

Dead Sea salts are one of the most well-researched bath salts and have been linked to successfully reducing the effects of inflammatory diseases such as eczema, dry skin, roughness and skin redness. This is thought to be linked to the high magnesium content in Dead Sea salts which binds water, influences epidermal proliferation and differentiation and enhances permeability barrier repair. These cleansing properties are great for targeting blemishes on the skin.

Mineral Rich Activated Charcoal Black Salt

As a highly absorbent natural mineral found within the earth, charcoal boasts a myriad of health benefits. People have taken to using charcoal in a variety of forms. However, using charcoal on the skin has the biggest impact. The mineral’s ability to draw toxins out of the skin helps to clarify pores, both on your face and your body. It also absorbs excess oil, dirt and grime that might be trapped in your pores causing blemishes.

Coconut Oil

Loved the world over, coconut oil provides bundles of nourishment and moisture to the skin’s surface. It’s extremely hydrating and can begin to repair your skins natural barriers to further protect it from environmental and lifestyle influences that cause skin conditions and blemishes.

Your 15-minute fix

Using Nutrition Skin Soak to improve the quality of your skin and help treat blemishes couldn’t be easier. By simply adding two to four cups of the bath salts to your warm bath, you’ll be on your way to better skin in no time. It takes just 15 minutes for the bath salts to work their magic and we recommend a good soak two to three times a week.