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Five Easy Ways to Use Delicious Smoked Salts

19th Nov 2019

A kitchen without salt is not a complete kitchen. The essential ingredient can be used in just about every dish, and our delicious smoked salt varieties are great for when you want to add a little something extra to your meals.

Let’s start by getting familiar with smoked salts. While these bold flavours pack quite the punch, they’re actually rather simple ingredients. Smoked salts are simply sea salt flakes that have been infused with smoke from real, untreated wood. It can take up to two weeks to reach the intensity of flavour required when smoking salts and it’s always bark-free woods that are used. There are no artificial flavours or colours used at all!

The combination of smoke from the burning wood and the naturally crisp and slightly briny taste of the sea salt creates a beautiful tasty salt. And, what’s most interesting, is that the kind of wood burned in the smoking process alters the taste of the salt allowing us to produce a broad range of flavours to be mixed and matched with your favourite recipes. 

Smoked Salts


We currently stock four tantalising varieties of smoked salts:

Smoked Applewood - The lightest of all our blends, sea salt is cold-smoked with sweet applewood giving it a delicate fruity, sweet and woody flavour. Sprinkle it on your morning eggs or use it to liven up fresh fruit snacks, seafood and vegetables.

Smoked Hickory - Our Smoked Hickory salt is cold-smoked with hickory wood allowing it to impart a strong smoky flavour that is a balance of both sweet and salty taste. It is the epitome of Southern US cooking and will transform your ribs, burgers, bacon, ham, and even maple syrup.

Smoked Alderwood - Alderwood is the traditional smoking wood of the North American Indians. Sea salt is slow smoked over the burning red alderwood to create a robust and versatile smoky flavour. It’s great in just about any dish you can imagine!

Extra Bold Smoked - A flaky sea salt is naturally smoked using a combination of seven carefully selected woods over two weeks creating a deep, rich smokehouse flavour. The smoked flavour is intense and rugged and matches well with meats, root vegetables and in soups and stews.

How to use smoked salts

  1. As a quick and easy meat rub

    Whether you’ll be firing up the BBQ or want to emulate that flame-grilled flavour without the fuss, our smoked salts make for delicious rubs for any cut of meat from chicken to steak and seafood. You can make your own gourmet combination by mixing our smoked salts with your favourite herbs and spices, but they taste just as great on their own.
  2. Shake up your roast dinner

    It’s hard to imagine potatoes tasting any better but try roasting them with a sprinkle of smoked salt on top and you’ll never turn back. This trick goes for any roasted vegetables. The earthiness of root vegetables holds the smoky flavour really well!
  3. Sprinkle on your fresh salad

    Fresh tomatoes and our smoky salts are a delicious pair. The balance between the fresh acidity of the tomatoes and smoked salt intensifies the flavour of the tomato and is a quick and easy way to liven up your salad.
  4. Shaken or stirred in your favourite cocktails

    Entertaining is a breeze when you have gourmet salts on your side. Mix a sprinkle through your bloody mary, rim your margarita glass or create your own signature cocktail blend with a touch of smoked salt. The smoked flavour works perfectly with tomato, lemon and lime flavours.
  5. Liven up snack time

    Sometimes keeping things simple is the best way to get the most out of our smoked salt flavours. A simple shake over some freshly popped popcorn, a sprinkle on some nuts or even a touch on top of your favourite fresh fruits can add a whole lot of flavour in just seconds.

Browse our range of smoked salts here and don’t hesitate to get in touch if you have any questions about our salts, where they’re from or how to use them!