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Product Review: Himalayan Pink Salt Block

14th Nov 2019

The Himalayan Pink Salt block is one of the products that we have been selling since our online store opened over 10 years ago! Each salt block is unique as it is a solid piece of rock salt, sourced from the Himalayan Mountains. The lovely pink colour is the result of the mineral rich salt, which has been compressed over millions of years to form a rock.

There are many uses for a salt block. The most common is grilling or BBQing meat, fish, seafood or vegetables. The trick is slowly heating the salt block to a very high temperature. Once the salt block is hot, you can sizzle your meat or veg. The salt almost caramelises with the juices from your food, to form a delicate salty crust. Absolutely delicious and very impressive!

You can also use a salt block to present cold foods – charcuterie platters, sushi or soft cheeses work well. It is also great for curing – you can make your own gravlax by compressing fresh salmon slices between 2 salt blocks.

To look after your salt block, you need to clean it after using by scraping off any large cooked on pieces, and then scrub with hot water. Because Salt is naturally antibacterial, nothing nasty can grow on a salt block, so it is a safe way to cook. Once your salt block is completely dry, you simply store it in an airtight container (eg wrap it in plastic wrap) ready for the next use.

Himalayan Salt Block


So add some sizzle to your next BBQ, or surprise someone with this great cooking gift idea.