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Product Review: Magnesium Flakes 3kg

30th Oct 2019

This is one of our top selling products. The 3kg resealable bag is the perfect size; large enough to offer value, but still attractive enough to feature in your bathroom. However, if you become a magnesium bath addict, you can purchase this wonder product in 10kg or 25kg bags as well!

Magnesium Flakes 3KG

Magnesium Flakes 3KG

We’re very proud of this flagship item. Our Magnesium Flakes are from northern Europe where they are sourced from the ancient Zechstein Sea, 1.6km below the earth. The magnesium chloride is brought up to the surface as brine (ie a liquid) – also known as Magnesium Oil – and then we evaporate it to produce magnesium flakes.

Zechstein Magnesium is known for its purity and quality. Because it was formed 250 million years ago, it is free from modern pollutants and contaminants. It therefore requires no chemical cleaning. It is also a potent source – the brine is 31% magnesium chloride.

Magnesium deficiency is a common problem among western cultures, due to our diet, farming practises and lifestyle. Ensuring your body has enough Magnesium has many health and wellness benefits, including improved mood and sleep, recovery from sore & tired muscles and joints, and relief from skin conditions.

Magnesium Baths are a relaxing way to top up your magnesium levels. The magnesium is absorbed through your skin (via the hair follicles) through a process called transdermal absporption. Simply add 2 cups of magnesium flakes to a warm bath and soak for at least 20 mins.

Why not give these fantastic flakes a go, and let us know what you think.