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The Only Self-Care Sunday Routine You'll Ever Need

Posted by Rowena Frith on 7th Aug 2020

There have been a lot of long weeks this year with all of us stuck at home. You would think being stuck inside would give everyone more time for self-care, but in fact, the opposite seems true for many. That's why it's important to carve out one day of your week and dedicate it solely to self care -- and what better day than self-care Sunday?

If you've never practised self-care Sunday before, you may be asking yourself how exactly it works. To help you out, we've detailed an amazing self-care Sunday routine below. So, sit back, relax, and let us show you why Sundays are for self-care.

What Is Self-Care Sunday?

The idea behind self-care Sunday is simple: take one day of the week and dedicate it to your self-care in any and all ways.

Sunday is often the perfect day to do this as you have more time for yourself. You won't be rushing through your self-care routine as you have no major tasks to handle anyway. Self-care Sunday doesn't have to be on Sunday -- it can happen on any day that allows you the most time to yourself.

Self-Care Sunday Tips

There's only one tip you really need to follow: take your time.

Self-care Sunday is all about taking your time to do things for yourself that you normally don't get the time for. It's all about caring for yourself at your own pace, unhindered by work and life. Don't convince yourself that you're wasting time, or that you could be doing something more productive, the whole point is to be productive toward yourself.

If you feel yourself start to panic, take a deep breath and relax. Remind yourself how much you do each day, and how much you deserve this single day per week of self-care. Never let anything get in the way of self-care Sunday.

Our Self-Care Sunday Routine

It's important to remember that everyone's self-care Sunday will look a little different, as self-care looks different for everyone. So, take the following routine as more of a guideline than a concrete instruction. You can follow it exactly, or use it as a jumping-off point -- it's your self-care Sunday, after all!

Sleep in a Little

The secret to starting self-care Sunday off right is a little extra sleep.

It's Sunday, you've got no appointments or duties, so don't be afraid to hit that snooze button a time or two. Plan to get a little extra sleep, especially if your average day involves waking up early. Even just an extra half-hour can do wonders for your mentality the whole Sunday through.

Start Your Day With a Rejuvenating Bath

Most people think of baths as an end-of-day ritual, but not on self-care Sunday!

A bath is a normal part of every good self care routine, and that goes doubly on self-care Sunday. Get your favourite skin-cleansing bath salts, run a hot bath, and take a soak for as long as you wish. There's no need to rush, Sundays are for self-care and nothing else.

Sure, you could just take a shower, but that's not self-care -- that's business. Showers inspire speed, they're far less comfortable, and you don't get to enjoy the amazing smell of your bath salts while doing so. Try using a Dead Sea salt to repair and soften your skin all-over, while also claiming the mind and body.

Practice Skin Care

Now that you're nice and fresh out of the bath, it's time to spoil your skin a little more.

Get your favourite fascial scrubs, skin creams, and exfoliators and treat yourself. Set off some aromatherapy and some soothing music to get the vibe just right. If you want to keep with the bath-salts theme, try making a Dead Sea salt scrub to treat your skin -- you'll love what it does for your face.

Have a Cup of Tea

What's a self-care Sunday without a good cup of tea?

Break out your favourite flavour of tea, brew it up (or get a special someone to brew it for you for an extra-special self-care Sunday) and enjoy it. Sit out on the deck, watch a little TV, or even enjoy your tea while taking your morning soak! If you're not a tea person, consider pouring a big glass of fresh juice, or even making a healthy smoothie.

Go for a Mindful Walk

Next, why not throw on some comfortable shoes and go for a calming walk?

Remember, the point of this walk isn't necessarily exercise, it's self-care. The two go hand-in-hand, but don't feel you need to push yourself. Take-in the sights and sounds of nature, feel free to stop and enjoy your surroundings a little, and don't set any specific work-out goals.

Go Out for Brunch, Enjoy the Company of Your Friends

Self-care Sunday isn't all about solitude. Sometimes the best self-care is done with others.

Call up a few friends, get a table at a nice restaurant, and have some brunch. Treat yourself to some foods you usually resist. Don't be afraid to get a drink or two, or enjoy a little dessert after the meal!

If you're not the brunch kind of person, simply calling up a close friend or two is still a great self-care Sunday practice. Catch up on the week, talk a little gossip, swap stories -- whatever you like. See if they'd like to go for a calming hike, come over for some tea, or even just talk on the phone for a while.

Who knows, maybe you can spread this self-care Sunday thing a little further.

Enjoy Your Favourite Hobby

Everybody has a hobby they enjoy but never get enough time for. Let self-care Sunday make that a thing of the past.

Whether it's painting, calligraphy, yoga, dancing, or even just watching Netflix, take the time for your hobby. Get into the perfect state of mind and allow yourself to enjoy your hobby without distractions. Nobody can tell you to stop on self-care Sunday.

Cook Your Favourite Meal

There's something soothing about cooking a meal you love for yourself.

Get a little music or an audiobook going, take your time preparing all the necessary ingredients, and thrive in your kitchen. Don't forget the glass of wine or two while cooking -- that's the secret ingredient. You can serve the meal to your family, or enjoy it yourself without shame.

Have Another Bath

As the day comes to an end, why not end it with soak number two?

Another calming bath acts as a great bookend to any self-care Sunday. This time, try using a relaxation bath salt rather than one aimed at skin-care. This will help you unwind, detoxify, and rest your body and mind in preparation for a good night's sleep.

Light some candles, enjoy another glass of wine or some tea, and let yourself feel the vibe. Congratulate yourself on a self-care Sunday well-spent. Here's to the next one being even better.

Creating a Self Care Routine

Creating a self-care routine isn't just easy, it's also a great step in the right direction.

Sitting down and figuring out your own self-care Sunday routine means you've decided to dedicate your Sundays to self-care. You've realized that you deserve this day for relaxation, and nothing can take that from you. Good for you! Dedication and follow-through is the most important step in any self-care Sunday.

Creating Your Perfect Self-Care Sunday

First, consider what self-care means to you.

Think about self-care activities that you enjoy, and that are realistically achievable. Write down every idea that comes to your mind until you have a substantial list of possibilities.

Next, determine how much time you're willing to dedicate to your self-care Sunday routine. Ideally, you'll have the entire day for self-care, but perhaps that's not realistic. If you need to take a break mid-day, you go for it. Sometimes self-care involves being productive and doing things for others, as it nurtures the mind and gives you a sense of achievement.

Finally, go through your list, find self-care options that fit into your allotted self-care Sunday timeslots, and make your official schedule. Try making a few schedules that you can alternate through every few Sundays! The more self-care Sundays you go through, the more perfect your next self-care Sunday will become.

Make Your Self-Care Sunday Perfect Every Time

Now you've got all the information you need to have the perfect self-care Sunday every Sunday.

Remember, this is just our perfect self-care Sunday. Use our guide, or edit it completely to fit your specific views of self-care. As long as you're relaxing, taking care of yourself, and letting nothing stop you, you're doing everything right.

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