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The Spice Profiles of Pepper

29th Apr 2024

Pungent, citrus, delicate, intense, earthy, hot, woody – pepper's distinct flavour profile could pair well with just about any savoury food. In fact, it’s also used to add an edge to numerous sweet dishes. If salt adds to the deliciousness of the food, pepper enhances the dish and makes the food a bolder and better version of itself.

There are so many different types and varieties out there. They come in a myriad of colours, a broad scope of grades, and a range of distinct qualities.


A World of Flavour

The word ‘pepper’ is sometimes even used for imitations that do not really come from the plant but look and taste similar. Here are the distinct flavour profiles that can help you understand the various kinds available.

Australian Black Pepper


Australian black peppercorns are originally green when unripe. They’re picked from the vine, then dried in the sun, which activates the natural enzyme in their outer husks that changes the colour to black. This also forms a volatile oil that gives the Australian black pepper its strong, intense flavour. They'll have mild heat and the characteristic aroma of black pepper when tasted.



Szechuan pepper, a staple of Chinese cuisine, doesn't taste anything like black pepper. In fact, its tingling and numbing sensations only mimic the heat of the conventional spice. It is very aromatic with citrus notes and goes well with cooler foods that soothe the Szechuan's sting.



Cambodian peppercorns are extremely aromatic as they have slight hints of eucalyptus and mint, along with the pungency of black pepper. They have mildly fruity notes, with a heat that builds eventually with the floral, clover and eucalyptus undertones.

Kampot Red


Kampot Red is aromatic with a mildly sweet aroma than the Black Cambodian pepper. It still has that intensely spicy flavour and heat, with slightly fruity undertones.



Even after coming from the same plant, green peppercorns lack the rich complexity of older, black ones. They’re picked from the plants earlier and kept unripened as berries. They have a much milder spice level as compared to the white and black, and a fresh vegetal and less peppery flavour.



White peppercorns are the same as the black ones, only without the outer shell. Due to the lack of the outer covering, white pepper has a more subtle, delicate and earthier flavour, unlike the strong black ones. However, they have a nice heat to them.



Pink pepper is actually a berry in the cashew family. It’s almost the same size as black peppercorns but has a distinct flavour profile. It has a pleasantly sweet, citrusy, fruity, refreshing flavour depth and a slightly spicy undertone.

Pepper Medley


Our Pepper Medley is the best way to surprise your taste buds with a mix of distinct aromas and notes from different types of spices. It’s perfect for getting that right punch in your soup or stock. You can also crack those colourful babies over any food as a garnish and let the flavours play in your mouth.

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