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Bathroom Blend


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Elevate your bathroom ambiance with the invigorating, spicy citrus notes of this essential oil diffuser blend.

Let's be honest; bathrooms aren't always the most fragrant spaces in the house. However, we can transform them into pleasant retreats, perfect for enjoying a relaxing bath or engaging in your daily beauty rituals—all while indulging in the benefits of aromatherapy.

This pure essential oil combination delivers aromatic notes of citrus, spices, and pine.

Commence your day with a deep breath in a soothing home environment.

Discover some of our preferred ways to integrate this blend into your bathroom.


  • Illuminate your bathroom with an oil burner. Add water and 4 drops of this delightful blend, creating a cozy, candlelit atmosphere.

  • Enhance the aromatic experience by adding 1 drop inside your toilet paper roll.

  • For a refreshing touch, mix 1/4 cup of baking soda with 2 drops of our bathroom blend and sprinkle it across your bathroom mat. Wait 30 minutes and vacuum.

Aroma Notes:

Spicy and warm citrus notes with subtle leather undertones.


100% Pure essential oils of Tangerine, Lime*, Spruce Black, and Cinnamon Bark*.


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