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Living Room Blend


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Come together and bask in the joyous and comforting ambiance this aroma evokes. Surround yourself with a cozy blend of sweet citrus and profound floral notes, creating a delightful fusion.

Ease into your day with simplicity and warmth at home. Unwind and immerse yourself in a sensory connection.

Explore some of our preferred ways to infuse this blend into your living space.


  • Foster a cozy and 'Hygge' feeling at home by adding 5-6 drops of this blend to your essential oil diffuser. Allow the aroma to envelop your space with positive vibes and a delightful fragrance.

  • Illuminate your living room or kitchen with an oil burner. Add water and 4 drops of this uplifting blend to infuse a warm, candlelit atmosphere.

  • Incorporate it into your non-toxic rug or carpet deodorizer recipe. Check out our DIY Natural Rug deodorizer video for more details.

Aroma Profile:

Sweet citrus and deep floral notes.


100% Pure essential oils of Sweet Orange*, Cedarwood*, Cape Rose Geranium*, Sweet Fennel*.


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