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Bedroom Blend


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Unwind, drift into slumber, and embrace an intimate atmosphere with the comforting and warm aromas of this Bedroom essential oil diffuser blend.

Immerse yourself in a premium fusion of pure Australian Native Essential oils, carefully curated to cultivate an environment of tranquility. Whether enjoyed solo or with a partner, relish the sensual and deep notes, complemented by a vibrant sweet citrus twist.

Conclude your day in a state of relaxation and cherished companionship at home.

Discover some of our preferred ways to incorporate this blend into your bedroom.


  • Foster an atmosphere of intimacy in your bedroom by adding 3 drops of our Bedroom essential oil blend to an oil diffuser.

  • Facilitate improved sleep by using an essential oil diffuser at least 2 hours before bedtime, setting a timer to continue for 1 hour after bedtime.

  • Revitalize your linen by adding 1 drop of oil to your pillow.

Aroma Notes:

Sweet floral, slightly woody, with a citrus-herbaceous punch.


100% Pure essential oils of Lavender (Tasmania), Honey Myrtle (Western Australia), and Sandalwood (Western Australia).


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