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​It’s All In The Finish: Tips & Tricks For Using Gourmet Flavoured Finishing Salt

Posted by The Salt Box on 8th Feb 2018

We all know the scenario: you’ve bought some excellent produce, you’ve got an idea in mind, and you’ve got a plan to see it through. But when it comes to tying everything together and making your dish really shine, you drop the ball. This is where flavoured finishing salts come in: they’re your flamboyant best friend in the kitchen - the secret weapon for taking an ordinary dish into extraordinary territory.

Using flavoured finishing salts is the perfect way to add a whole new dimension to your food - a secret weapon for taking an ordinary dish into extraordinary territory.

Flavoured finishing salts are sea salts that have been naturally flavoured with a special partner ingredient. Why natural? Because natural ingredients simply taste better. You can blend sea salt with just about anything - from black truffle to rosemary to Matcha green tea. And with so many varieties to choose from, the creative possibilities are practically endless. Here we take a look at some tips and tricks for using finishing salts in the kitchen. 

Using Finishing Salt to Transform the Way You Cook Meat 

By adding a pinch of flavoured finishing salt to hot, freshly cooked meat - think beef or lamb shoulder, salmon, or fresh chicken breast - you give the salt and its partner ingredient the perfect environment to be absorbed quickly. And as a result, the flavour remains fresh, and will be one of the first things to hit your palate (and quite simply melt in your mouth).

Roasted garlic salt is just what any stock standard burger, ribs or pork loin require: its sweet, garlicky flavours ooze through to give the meat an extra flavour kick, mingling with the natural juices in away you’ve never experienced before. Or if you’re in the mood for something with a bit of a homely feel, rosemary salts will dress up your next roast lamb to absolute perfection. 

Using Flavoured Finishing Salts on Snacks and Appetisers 

When using flavoured finishing salt, don’t just stop at meat. Dips, homemade crisps, french fries or popcorn, these flavours can take the simplest of snacks to the next level, and are sure to impress at any dinner party (or give any food you’ve found to have become slightly boring a much-needed shake up).

Turn your average avocado on toast into a taste explosion with  black truffle salt. Or add white truffle salt to slow cooked chicken for your favourite sandwich and wrap recipes to make the humble seem regal.

Using Finishing Salts in Vegetarian Dishes

For vegetarians and vegans, using finishing salt is a brilliant way to transform the average vegetable fry-up, omelette or root vegetable medley into a mouth-watering feast. The rich flavour and preserving quality of these salts means you won’t need to use as much sauce, and as a result your vegetables will stay fresh and crispy as you cook them.

Try adding the  Green Matcha salt to your next stir fry for an extra dimension to classic Asian flavours.

Using Finishing Salts to Add a Touch of Luxury to Your Meals

If you’re feeling luxurious, black and white truffle salts will transform any stock standard meal into a sumptuous feast, with rich and sensual flavours ringing throughout. Sprinkle atop french fries or roasted nuts, of rub into a superb cut of your favourite meat for that melt-in-your-mouth truffle experience. 

There is no end to the possibilities of what can be done with flavoured finishing salts, from enhancing existing flavours to saving time in the kitchen. They’re also a great way to explore ingredients and techniques you may have never used before.

When stored in a cool dry place in an airtight container, these salts will last for years, and will most definitely become a routine part of your cooking. Take a look at our range of flamboyant finishers here.