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Make Your Own Face Scrubs With Hawaiian Black Lava Salt and Hawaiian Red Salt

Posted by The Salt Box on 17th May 2018

If you are looking for a natural, ‘no-nasties ’way to clean, pamper and revive your facial skin, it’s hard to look past the powers of salt.

Pacific purity: Here's how you can make your own natural face scrubs with Hawaiian black lava salt and Hawaiian red alaea salt.

From the Himalayas to the Dead Sea in the Middle East and all the way to the shores of Hawaii, the beautifying benefits of natural salts have been praised for thousands of years. In fact, Hawaii is one of the richest sources of natural salts in the word. 

It is home to two kinds that are perfect for use in a DIY face scrub: Hawaiian black lava salt, and Hawaiian red (alaea) salt. Let’s take a look at how these two pacific wonders can be used to achieve the clean, glowing skin you’ve always wanted.

What Are Hawaiian Black Lava and Red Alaea Salts?

While they come from the same place, Hawaiian black lava and red alaea salts are quite different.

Hawaiian black salt is a naturally derived Hawaiian sea salt that has been blended with activated charcoal from local coconut shells. The ‘lava’ element of the name is an homage to the stunning black lava-chewed volcanic rock that you can find all over the Hawaiian landscape.

Hawaiian red salt is unrefined sea salt that has been mixed with red volcanic alaea clay to create a unique pinkish-brown mixture. Alaea clay is formed from an ancient volcanic ash deposits and is high in trace minerals such as phosphorus, iron, calcium and magnesium.

The Benefits of Using Hawaiian Salts on Your Skin

Both of these salts are perfect for use in a facial scrub. Firstly, they both are comprised mostly of sodium chloride (salt), which is wonderful for skin in its own right. The dermis is extremely porous and, through the process of reverse osmosis, salts help flush out toxins, heavy metals, and accumulations of other harmful substances.

Using salts as a face scrub will increase circulation and help reduce blemishes and fine lines. It will also slough off dead skin cells and bacteria clogged in the pores to let the skin’s natural radiance shine through. Hawaiian salts are special though. Not only do they harness the power of sodium chloride, but they are also packed with natural goodies derived from the local landscape.

As we mentioned, Hawaiian black lava salt is packed with activated charcoal derived from local coconuts, which is what gives it its distinct black colour. Activated charcoal has a range of benefits for the skin. The ‘activation’ process involves heating the charcoal in a certain way so that it develops tiny pocket that trap chemicals and other substances. This means it is extremely effective at sucking out oils and impurities from the skin, exfoliating, removing blackheads and clearing up acne. Basically it’s a supercharged skin detoxifier and your new best friend if you have oily, troublesome skin.

Hawaiian red salt is a different beast altogether. It is loaded with alaea clay which, as we mentioned, is formed from a volcanic ash deposits that are rich in trace minerals. Clay has been used all around the world for their healing and beautification, and pelotherapy (for example, clay masks) is used in just about every beauty spa in the world.

Hawaiian red salt allows you to access the power of alea clay at home. The sodium chloride content, combined with the trace minerals, work to detoxify and rejuvenate the skin and help fight acne, eczema, wrinkles, sun damage and other blemishes.

How To Use Them In A Face Scrub

There are a number of ways that these wonderful salts can be used as to make a natural face cleanser.

Make a face scrub by combining equal parts of your choice of Hawaiian salt with natural oils, raw honey, gels or balms. Use this as you would any cleanser: apply to a damp face in smooth, soft circular motions, rinse with warm water and pat dry with a soft towel.

If you have sensitive skin, simply add a few tablespoons to a clean basin full of warm water and allow the salt to dissolve. Use this to cleanse your face. 

(Pro tip: try adding a drop of natural oil such as lavender or rose to the water for an extra luxurious experience).

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