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Rosemary Bulk Pack 1kg


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Made from natural sea salt and real Spanish rosemary this salt adds a woody and herbaceous twist to both your savoury and sweet dishes. Straight from the herb garden this flamboyant little number will burst into your life and transform your dishes. 

Experiment... don't limit your use of this salt to lamb. Get creative. Yes, comfort food, roasts, stuffing, gravy, pasta, olive oil and focaccia all scream for this salt, but so does mackerel, ricotta, kale, cauliflower, lemon curd, citrus pastries, buttery shortbread and salted caramels...the sky is the limit with this baby.

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Storage conditions... store in a cool, dry place. Some salts may retain moisture and become clumpy over time - this is normal as our salts are 100% natural and does not affect the quality of the salt.


Ingredients... sea salt and rosemary. No anti-caking, free flowing additives, conditioners, allergens, genetically modified organisms.

So what does it contain? Sodium Chloride (92.94%), Calcium (0.26%), Magnesium (0.98%), Sulphur (0.742%), Potassium (0.34%), Iodine (0.003%) and moisture (<5%).

Product of...USA.

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