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Thai Sriracha Bulk Pack 1kg


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Introducing... for a small slice of Thailand on your plate, meet our Sriracha sea salt (and in case you are wondering it is pronounced shree-ra-cha). This fiery friend is zesty, crunchy and is created from sea salt, sriracha sauce and a hint of Habanero. Be warned this salt is addictive and may end up being your new BFF (best friend forever).

Experiment... the flaky texture of this salt melts quickly and evenly in soups and sauces and it is pretty much perfect everywhere you would use chili sauce and, of course, in Thai cooking - think noodles, ramen, pasta, BBQ sauces and scrambled eggs. You can also use your new BFF as a finishing salt on salads, seafood, roasted nuts or popcorn. It can even be your secret weapon in a Bloody Mary.

Why not try... the rest of our fiery salts. Or one of our smoky salts for something different - Applewood, Mesquite or our Extra Bold smoked salts.

Storage conditions... store in a cool, dry place. Some salts may retain moisture and become clumpy over time - this is normal as our salts are 100% natural and does not affect the quality of the salt.

Ingredients... sea salt, sriracha sauce (red chili peppers, distilled vinegar, garlic powder, salt, spice) and Habanero. No anti-caking, free flowing additives, conditioners, allergens, genetically modified organisms.

So what does it contain? Sodium Chloride (99.74%), Calcium (0.06%), Magnesium (0.165%), Sulphur (0.067%), Potassium (0.032%), Iodine (0.003%) and moisture (0.50%).

Product of...USA.

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