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Specialty Selection Box - Premium Essentials


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Specialty Selection – Premium Essentials

This Selection comprises the following peppers:-

  1. Australian Black Whole Peppercorns 150g Jar, plus
  2. Medley of Whole Peppercorns (Black, White, Green and Pink) 110g Jar
  3. White Whole Peppercorns 150g Jar

Here is a bit more about this range...

Australian Black Whole Peppercorns

This Australian farmed Black Pepper has been carefully selected to meet our high standards. We love supporting Australian producers and this product is sensational. As with our other Black Pepper, this spice adds a wonderful pungent flavour to foods and widely reported health benefits including being a digestion stimulant and it’s a great antioxidant. The spiciness comes from ‘piperine’ that is naturally occurring. Truly one of the world’s most popular spices and it’s Australian farmed.

Product of Australia


Medley Peppercorns (Whole)

A visually appealing and spicy mix of Black, White, Green and Pink peppercorns. Perfect for use in creating a punch in homemade stock, soups or grinding and garnishing a dish. We freshly blend this to order – it only takes 24 hours to prepare.

Blended from Australian and imported peppercorns.


White Whole Peppercorns

Our White Peppercorns has been carefully selected to meet our high standards. They are the same fruit as Black peppercorns (Piper Nigram) with the outer shell removed. White pepper has a more subtle earthier flavour with less complexity than the Black. A truly classic and extremely popular pepper and like Black pepper, is versatile and suits a wide range of cuisines. It has health benefits including being a digestion stimulant and it’s a great antioxidant too.

Product of Sri Lanka 

Store peppercorns in a cool dry place away from sunlight to maximise freshness

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