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Specialty Selection - Kampot Delight


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470.00 Grams

Specialty Selection – Kampot Delight

This Selection comprises the following Kampot varieties:-

  1. Black 150g Jar, plus
  2. Red 125g Jar plus
  3. White 125g Jar

This amazing Kampot range of pepper was one of first we selected to be part of our pepper range.

Kampot Pepper is regarded as the ‘King of Peppers’ and highly sought after. When the berry is fully mature on the vine, it turns red then hand picked and sun dried. The Cambodian climate and soil make this pepper one of the highest quality peppers in the world. Crops are inspected by an independent body to maintain a high standard and are traceable back to the farm.

 Here's a bit more information.......

Kampot Whole Peppercorns Black 150g Jar
This variety is aromatic with a fruity nose with a heat that builds slowly with floral, clover and eucalyptus undertones.
Kampot Whole Peppercorns Red 125g Jar
The Red is aromatic with a slightly sweeter aroma than the Black. It still has the peppery flavour and heat with fruity undertones.
Kampot Whole Peppercorns White 125g Jar
has a peppery aroma and quite delicate. The heat slowly builds and is often described as having a hint of lime and cut grass.
Store in a cool dry place away from sunlight to maximise freshness.

Product of Cambodia

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