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Become A BBQ Legend With This Quick Guide To Using Gourmet BBQ Salts

Posted by The Saltbox on 10th Jan 2018

When BBQ’ing it is best not to skimp on the salt but save it for last! We like to sprinkle a finishing touch of salt just as the food comes off the grill. You'll get a stronger salt flavour (and a little texture too, if you choose a coarser grain) and your BBQ-prowess will rise to a whole new level!

1. Fish

Fish has been smoked for generations to preserve, however the flavour this gives should not be underestimated!

2. Meat

Intensify the flavours of meats on the grill with one of our natural smoked salts sprinkled on top after cooking:

3. Spice and Gourmet Flavours

If your grill gives enough smoke flavour, try a savoury or spice infused gourmet salt:

4. Get Adventurous

If you have your own smoker and want to make your own smoked salt, we have Kosher salt which is perfect for this process. It’s a light and flaky salt with no additives for a lovely pure smoke flavour. The flakes allow the smoke to penetrate the salt for great result.

Are you an experimental BBQ cook? Why not try BBQ’ing on the Himalayan Salt Block. Meats, seafood and veggies sear quickly and a tasty, thin salt crust forms on the food.